Fall Décor

Its been a while since I have posted. Life has got busy with both kids in school and Ryan in school as well. I do plan on posting at least twice a week from now own. I am thinking of posting some recipes of things I have been cooking in the kitchen as well as... Continue Reading →

Fabric Pumpkin

I love to decorate for the different seasons and this year I decided I would try my hand at making some fabric pumpkins. I have made wreaths and things for the different seasons(Ryan says I have too many), but have never tried much of anything else. I saw a tutorial online, not sure where now,... Continue Reading →

Old Friends

There once was a boy who bought a Christmas present for his girlfriend. The boy and girl were young enough the boy actually needed permission to buy said girlfriend the gift. The boy looked all over and found just the right one. It was a tiny red Dachshund. The boy put the little dog in... Continue Reading →

Master Bedroom

We have lived in our house for about 6 years now and its time to change-up the master bedroom a little. I have plans to change just a few things without spending a ton of money. It may take a few months to get these changes made as budget allows. We are also making some... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Harvey

So now that hurricane Harvey is gone I just wanted to let everyone know that we survived. It got a little stressful there for a while when we thought we were going to get water in the house. Other on little water leak we were the fortunate ones who didn't have any water in our... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Preparedness

We are buying preparing for hurricane Harvey. Not sure if we will get any posts up in the next few days it all just depends on the weather and if we have power. My kids just started school on Tuesday and we heard today that they will be out until next Tuesday. I hope that... Continue Reading →

End Tables

When buying our new couch I knew we would need end tables. Our sectional didn't leave much room for end tables where the new one  has lots of room on each side. I bought a old typewriter table to use on one side. It was originally gray and I thought I was going to leave... Continue Reading →

Wood Ironing Board

While we were in Alabama we purchased a wood ironing board. I had been looking for one for a while to hang above my laundry room. In our house the laundry room is in the kitchen and is more of a closet then an actual room. Hanging it was easier said then done. Because it... Continue Reading →

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