Killer Killer vs. Cute and Fluffy

Our newest little member is Ella Mae the Wonder Wiener or I affectionately call her, “Killer Killer the Bringer of Death” is an 11 lb long hair dapple dachshund who might be the most good natured puppy in existence.


Although cute and good natured, maybe not the brightest crayon in the box. Here we see the puppy at about 4 months trying to use her bed.


Still working… Oh well, we will learn.

Although no dog ever replaces the loss of another, she has provided a much needed shot of life into our other cute and fluffy. Nairobi, our 55lb 14 year old Siberian Husky has recently took to raising the new little critter.


Keep in mind, this dog is 14 and a bit on the stiff side these days, but that does not stop her from getting on the ground to “boop” her puppy on the head. As Ella Mae has gotten older, she has taken to jumping over Robi’s head and barking when Robi does not feel like playing.

This puppy will also bring you the socks of children she finds around the house, look at you, and make a weird little noise indicating she has something she should not, and she would appreciate it if you would attempt to retrieve the item.

Recently, “Monkey” has entered the scene. Monkey was a cleaver plan to give the puppy  a stuffed animal she would like better than socks. Well she does. Sleeping with the animal, carrying the animal around, but when she needs attention, she will still grab a sock and display it proudly to one of her children in order to begin the chase.


The real question is going to be how to groom this little critter. She, as you can see, is not your typical long haired. She is not a wire hair. She seems to be a cross between the two. Yes, she came from a reputable breeder and yes, the breeder had a beautiful facility. She has the long haired face like her mamma who was solid black but her daddy was an Irish Creme and one of the prettiest dachshunds I have ever seen.


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