Time Flies – Where do we go from here?

You are correct, it has been months since the last write up.  Here is a list of articles to come.  If there is one you’d like to here first, post a comment. The goal for the next six months is to not press delete on nearly as articles. Lets talk about what we care about and see what sticks.

  • Big Bend National Park Trip – hiking, camping, and sitting on the side of the road
  • The camping trailer is finished…in the same way you finish a Jeep – Beginning to End Pics and Write-up
  • The Business Plan – End of the semester product with an intent to move forward
  • The Spring of Events and catching the Unicorn
  • Broken Puppy and the Homeless Kitten
  • Book Binge and reviews
  • 9 Months of Amazon and Etsy – What I’ve learned and Where to Go Next
  • Seasons in Chalk – Photo Album


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