IMG_9369For many years of my life I wouldn’t eat eggs.  I think it was a texture thing because I still won’t eat them unless I have some sort of meat with them. I have only been eating them now for about a year. So making a quiche for us to eat for supper is a big deal. This quiche  is very delicious and very easy to make. It has both bacon and sausage in it along with spinach. Ryan and I love spinach so adding it to our quiche is and easy to get veggies into our diet. It also contains cheese, I suggest grating you own cheese instead of buying shredded cheese. Shredded cheese that you buy in the store doesn’t melt as well as cheese you shred yourself.


1/2 pound sausage                                          6 slices of bacon

half a bag of Spinach                                     5 eggs

1 Cup heavy cream                                        1 Cup cheese

1 Pie crust

Cook both sausage and bacon until done. Chop spinach and shred cheese. Mix you eggs and heavy cream making sure to season your eggs. Don’t add too much salt since your bacon and sausage has salt in it. After placing your crust in your pie pan take half you sausage and place in the pan, next a layer of bacon, a layer of spinach, and layer of cheese. Repeat finishing with a layer of cheese. Evenly pour you eggs over everything. Bake in the over at 350 for 25-30 minutes.

This makes great leftovers. We reheat it in the microwave the next morning for breakfast.  You can also make mini quiche using a mini muffin pan if you need finger food for an event. If you don’t have bacon you can just use a pound of sausage instead of a 1/2 pound.

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