Constant Companion

IMG_9336Now that the kids are in school the house is quiet and it took me a while to get used to it. However, I have an ever constant companion in my day-to-day. No matter what I am doing she is right there next to me or somewhere in the room with me. I was trying to take some pictures of things to list in our Etsy store and she was right there with me. Ryan says she is my dog because usually wherever I am you can find her. But, when it comes to her night-time walk she will go to him. Every night around nine she decides she need to go out one last time for the night. Going out in the backyard is not an option she must be walked out front. She will come lay her head in Ryan’s lap our look at him with those pitiful eyes like in the above picture until he takes her out. She loves her kennel and will sleep in it some times but since our little Casey passed away about a month or so ago she sleeps in our room. She feels like she must be close to us at all times.


Getting in the way while I am trying to take pictures of some products for our store.

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