Fabric Pumpkin

I love to decorate for the different seasons and this year I decided I would try my hand at making some fabric pumpkins. I have made wreaths and things for the different seasons(Ryan says I have too many), but have never tried much of anything else. I saw a tutorial online, not sure where now, and it looked pretty simple. I bought all my fabrics at Hobby Lobby and went with a more muted nontraditional fall color scheme. These fabrics will go with the decor in the house more than the traditions fall colors would.

Step 1- Cut a circle of any size you like. I used our stainless steel bowls and cut three different sizes. I bought a half yard of each fabricIMG_9175

Step 2- Use an embroidery needle and embroidery floss to go around the outside of the circle. Make sure not to get the embroidery floss too close to the edge. Once you get all around the circle you will want to pull the string tight so it bunches up the fabric.IMG_9180

Step-3 Stuff the pumpkins. Make sure you get them a full as you can. I used this Poly-fil fiber fill.

Step 4- Tie a knot in the embroidery floss to make sure the pumpkin holds it shape.IMG_9186.JPG

Step 5- Use tree limbs to make the stems. Hot glue them in to the center of the pumpkin. I also bought burlap leaves and straw bows to accent them. IMG_9198

Now to get the rest of my fall décor down and start decorating. I usually do normal fall décor until October and will then add a little Halloween décor to it. I don’t go over the top with the Halloween décor because its only on day. The fall stuff will stay out until the Friday after Thanksgiving when we will put out the Christmas stuff.IMG_9202


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