Old Friends

2015-08-09_16-12-17_221There once was a boy who bought a Christmas present for his girlfriend. The boy and girl were young enough the boy actually needed permission to buy said girlfriend the gift. The boy looked all over and found just the right one. It was a tiny red Dachshund. The boy put the little dog in a box with a blanket and drove to the girls house. When the lid came off the box the puppy’s head shot out and the girl screamed to the delight of the boy who to this day loves to make his now wife scream. Years go by and the dog was a close friend to the boy and girl through college and then 900 miles away to Texas. The little dog trained another little girl how to properly handle dogs and the bit fingers which result from not respecting animals. She had a little boy who thought she was silly when she sat up on her hind legs and would push her back down with a laugh, a pat on the head, and a “good Casey”. The dog got old and would simply lay with her little girl instead of playing. The kids would wrap her in blankets and put her to sleep on pillows. This week our little friend Casey died at 15 years old. We wrapped her in a blanket and buried her under the maple tree, teaching her children one last life lesson. Many dogs have quirks much like our own. They can have tempers, some are goofy, some just want to be near you, but we love our dogs as the good friends they are. We will miss our little friend.



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  1. I will miss this sweet sassy girl. She was my first grandchild. She was so tiny when Sarah first got her I couldn’t bear to leave her at home. We took her everywhere for several weeks. Even some places we would have gotten kicked out if they knew we had her.


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