Master Bedroom


We have lived in our house for about 6 years now and its time to change-up the master bedroom a little. I have plans to change just a few things without spending a ton of money. It may take a few months to get these changes made as budget allows. We are also making some changes in our bath as well so those will be done around the same time.

My plans for the bedroom is to plank the wall behind the bed and paint it white. The other walls will stay the same color they currently are. The bedding will be changed out as well. I want to go with all white bedding to lighten it up a little. This is the bedding I think we are going to go with its a white linen duvet cover.


The rug will stay. I think I am going to paint the mirror a white as well. I will have to see what everything looks like before I make that decision. I had white curtains in here before I put these up and I like them but I think I will go back to white.


The lamps on the night stand were purchased at Home Goods a few years ago and they will stay. Ryan likes to remind me that we purchased the lamps on a rare date night. So every time I say something about the lamps his will say “That we purchased on a date night.” The ceiling fan will stay. The fan was one of the first things we put in the house. I cant sleep unless our room is really cold. We like to turn our thermostat down to about 68 when we sleep and run the ceiling fan as well.  Because of this I had to buy a really thick down comforter for Ryan.


In the master bath water closet we plan on planking the walls as well. There was a cabinet hanging above the toilet that we took down. As you can see when they hung the cabinet it took them about twenty times to get the screws in the wall. There were also nails in the side of the cabinet that held the filler pieces on the side of the cabinet that scratched the wall as well. After we plank the wall I am going to hang shelves above the toilet. I am still undecided if I want them to be floating shelves on if they will have brackets. I do know that we want three of them. It may seem counter productive to take a cabinet down only to hang shelves back in the same place but I feel like it opens the space up more. We did the same in our second bath and it really made a huge difference in how the bathroom looked. I will show you that bath sometime as I have plans to change it up a little as well.


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