Hurricane Harvey

So now that hurricane Harvey is gone I just wanted to let everyone know that we survived. It got a little stressful there for a while when we thought we were going to get water in the house. Other on little water leak we were the fortunate ones who didn’t have any water in our house or damage. This is after two days of rain. This is when we started getting concerned that we were going to have water in our house. Between the stress of possibly flooding and the constant tornado warnings all night long we didn’t get very much sleep those first few nights.



There are thousands more who have lost everything in this disaster. Now the storm has moved east and is dropping more rain on Texas and Louisiana. The amount of people the state of Texas has seen helping people is enough to restore you faith in humanity. There is not an hour that goes by that I haven’t seen boats and helicopters going to help someone in need.  We took a little walk last night to see what the water levels looked like of the Brazos which is one of the flooded rivers that is still rising. I have never seen the water levels this high in the ten years we have lived in this area.

Please continue to pray for all those affected by this natural disaster. Pray that the water will start receding and people can get back to their homes and start rebuilding.

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