Hurricane Preparedness

We are buying preparing for hurricane Harvey. Not sure if we will get any posts up in the next few days it all just depends on the weather and if we have power. My kids just started school on Tuesday and we heard today that they will be out until next Tuesday. I hope that doesn’t mess up their schedule. I have been out all day shopping for essentials to get us through the next few days of rain so we hopefully don’t have to leave the house in the craziness that is Texas during a hurricane. We have experienced only one hurricane since we have been in Texas and that was Ike. We were in an apartment at the time so it will be a whole new experience in our house. There is more to worry about when in a house as opposed to living in an apartment. Our area seems to do really well with water drainage but if we get as much rain as they are predicting we don’t know what will happen.  Here is a picture of the water aisle at Wal-Mart today around 11:00. Thankfully we didn’t need any because there is none to be found anywhere.IMG_1268

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