Wood Ironing Board

While we were in Alabama we purchased a wood ironing board. I had been looking for one for a while to hang above my laundry room. In our house the laundry room is in the kitchen and is more of a closet then an actual room. Hanging it was easier said then done. Because it has legs attached it took a while to get it level and not where it looked like it was going to fall off the wall. Ryan said it was quite difficult and that he is pretty sure he murdered it in his head multiple times. Just for future reference you if you are going to ask you husband to hang something for you make sure you feed them first.

Ryan likes to think I pick difficult things to hang just to see if he can do them. He likes to say I believe he can do anything because he has never told me he can’t. If he doesn’t know how to do it he will research it or just wing it until he does.

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