Product Testing and the Hardships of Modern Living

So here I am, slave labor to my lovely wife. She has put me to work as product tester for her wares. I have to say, the Proctor-Silex Percolator works really well. I’m a little more familiar with the stove top percolators you can run until it is as dark as you like, as this is my method of choice for coffee while camping, but the setting knob does something similar on this electric one and I don’t have to fire up the stove. Going to use an extra scoop of grounds for it next time. Sarah’s granddaddy would love it. He complains a bit when I make the coffee. He claims you should be able to see the bottom of the cup when a bit is poured. He is obviously wrong because I am the one writing.

Sarah is setting over my shoulder committing. She says of course I am writing about coffee. We have 4 pots for one person in the house who drinks coffee. To which I always have to defend, it is the same reason you have multiple hammers. Each one has a purpose. Plus I know she is wrong, cause we are up to six pots and two grinders now, but there is no need to correct her.

Please check out the little Proctor-Silex Percolator on our Etsy store and watch for more items being uploaded.

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