Mason Jars

Lets talk about Mason jars for a little bit. I think we have around 100 in scattered around house. I have bought several blue ones with metal lids and others have made their way to our house with jellies and other canned foods in them. My mother-in-law cans tomatoes every year which we use when we make chili or stews.

You might be asking yourself “what does she do with all those mason jars?” Let me give you some examples of what I do with these. I use my blue vintage ones in the kids/guest bathroom to store q-tips and cotton balls IMG_8946[1]

In the master bath we keep our Epsom salt in one.


Another way mason jars are used in our house are for drinking glasses. Ryan and I are very clumsy people and it is not unusual for us to break a glass at least once a month, and sometimes once a week. One day I decided I was done buying expensive glasses for us just to break them, therefore we use mason jars. I don’t have to worry about the type of glasses I bought being discontinued and not being able to find a matching set. I can just go down to the closest store and find more mason jars.IMG_8979[1]

The last way we use these jars is as flower vases. My mother-in-law gave me an old wooden tool box that Ryan made in 7th grade wood shop. I use it on our kitchen table with jars filled with seasonal flowers. During Christmas these jars are usually filled with fairy lights which we light up at night. img_89821.jpg

These are just a few examples of how I use mason jars in everyday decor. I have also used them for parties to hold plastic utensils and paper straws. When you have so many of them in the house like we do you find all kind of uses for them.

If you are looking to buy mason jars and want to see what year they were made here is a identification guide for you. Photo credit

Image result for ball jar identifier


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