Good Times

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this poor guy gets dragged all over to dig through old stuff with his wife. Well you are wrong…. but Ryan, isn’t this stuff all for women and pansies? To this I present my World War II M100 military trailer. M100

Your arguments are now rendered irrelevant. The plan for this fellow is to become our off-road camping rig to pull behind my Jeep. Sarah has made the point of saying how handy it will be for hauling home more rusty stuff…sigh. I will make sure to add a post when this little project is finished.

I guarantee you I have just as much fun as my wife digging through antiques. No, I’m not into pink french glass unicorns but you find some cool stuff out there.

Side note while we speak of pink stuff: In a moment of weakness and distraction I told my daughter she could paint something on this trailer pink. More on that at a later date, but needless to say, of all the things she forgets, this has not been one of them.

One of my favorite finds is this old Western Auto fan I found at Round Top, TX. Didn’t work when I bought it but a couple of dirt dobber nests and a new plug later it is ready to chop the fingers off unaware children again. See what I mean, antiques are fun.

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