Coffee, Lights, and Teamwork

This business belongs to Sarah. After all, we named it after her. However, with most things in our marriage, this will be a team effort. As my wife is currently incapacitated due to a sinus headache and “night time cold medicine,” I am going to take this opportunity to layout a profile of this woman the world is being introduced to. Sarah has spent the last 10 years holding down our household. She gets up every morning without fail to make me breakfast, packs lunch, and most importantly makes the coffee (she doesn’t even drink) even though I have repeatedly told her I sincerely appreciate it but she can sleep in. I have forgotten where the stores are located because she takes care of this portion. The never ending piles of laundry are constantly subdued without me. The oldest is dropped off to school and picked up. The little one is cared for. She is currently volunteering at Vacation Bible School. The house is decorated for every season with hand-made wreaths, hand-made decorations,  and furniture  she finds (or sometimes I am convinced steals) then paints and turns into the $200 piece she showed me at the store.

This is typically the part I will come in. Something needs tools used on it. The bookshelf she plans to paint needs breadboard on the back or she needs partner frames for a decoration she picked up somewhere.  My personal favorite project is the dining room light. LightLightOn

Not sure if this little guy got me promoted or simply gave Sarah the idea I could do more than I had previously let on. Either way, after this one, the projects got more complicated.

If you are wondering, this is the guts of a chandelier a buddy at work was throwing out and a bathroom light we replaced, a very heavy pulley, rope, 6 tin buckets, and a fertilizer box.

This whole ordeal started with the fertilizer box we had collecting dust (bought in a bundle with some other crates) and my fat mouth. We were at one of our favorite little towns nearby, Rosenberg, and we ran across a pulley. I held it up and said this would make a cool transition for a hanging light made out of a crate. Her eyes lit up and she informed me of all the wonderfulness she had seen on-line about it. We formulated a plan for the box, rope, and a pulley which would not put us in the poor house. The internet and stores really like these pulleys. Got this one wrapped in with two cast iron house jacks who will soon be planter stands for the front door.

I recently made a light for the kitchen. It is a much simpler one but turned out quite nice. If someone reading this wants one hit the “contact us.” We intend on getting some lights up for sale but right now we are focused on getting a bit of quality antique inventory to sell. Also, I will start using the good camera and put down my phone in the future. It would not surprise me if Sarah takes down this post until she gets quality pictures for it.BasketLight There it is. This is the way we work. Always the team. Feeding ideas and encouraging each other along to come up with the best possible product. Some work the first time, others work on revision four. Either way we have a good time along the way.

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