End Tables

When buying our new couch I knew we would need end tables. Our sectional didn't leave much room for end tables where the new one  has lots of room on each side. I bought a old typewriter table to use on one side. It was originally gray and I thought I was going to leave... Continue Reading →

Wood Ironing Board

While we were in Alabama we purchased a wood ironing board. I had been looking for one for a while to hang above my laundry room. In our house the laundry room is in the kitchen and is more of a closet then an actual room. Hanging it was easier said then done. Because it... Continue Reading →

Quilt Rack

While we were visiting family in Alabama I mentioned wanting a quilt rack. My mother-in-law had one that she wasn't using so she gave it to us.  We have several old quilts that we had been storing, one that is mine and one that came from Ryan's mamaw. Here is the before.  Ryan says I... Continue Reading →

Mason Jars

Lets talk about Mason jars for a little bit. I think we have around 100 in scattered around house. I have bought several blue ones with metal lids and others have made their way to our house with jellies and other canned foods in them. My mother-in-law cans tomatoes every year which we use when... Continue Reading →

Vacation turned work trip

We just returned from visiting family in Alabama for week. We had a great trip and got to spend time with both sides of the family. While we were there we decided to do a little shopping for the store. I initially thought we would pick up a few things. Instead we had a truck... Continue Reading →

Sewing Machine Table

My next project is breathing new life into this old sewing machine table. As you can see it is painted gold. The plan is to take the paint off, getting it back to the original black cast iron. Still sewing up the details (pun!!!) on our plans for the table top. I have been looking... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Lights, and Teamwork

...As my wife is currently incapacitated due to a sinus headache and "night time cold medicine," I am going to take this opportunity to layout a profile of this woman the world is being introduced to...

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